Research Group

(Former) group members and guests:

Group Members

  • Hidde Fokkema, PhD Student, started in September 2021
  • Hédi Hadiji, Postdoc, started in October 2020
  • Jack Mayo, PhD Student, started in September 2020
  • Sarah Sachs, PhD Student, started in February 2020

Former Group Members

Guests (Extended Stays)

  • Fredrik Hellström, visiting PhD student from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, visits during 3 weeks, 2021
  • Antoine Moncho, visiting student from Université Paris-Sud, 3 months, 2019
  • Raphaël Deswarte, visiting PhD student from École Polytechnique, 4 months, 2017
  • Kamalaruban Parameswaran, visiting PhD student from the Australian National University, 3 months, 2015